Did you know that nearly 33% of the world is recorded as having at least one Dog in their home.  ONE THIRD OF THE WORLD.  That is truly incredible.  If you are someone that is opposed to having Dogs (probably not if you are on our site, or know someone who is, then we are going to outline ten pawsome reasons why you or they need a dog in their life!

We get it though.  Not everyone is suitable for a dog, or can have one whether it be due to financial reasons, allergies, maybe you rent and the landlord doesn’t allow pets.  We totally get it.  But if you are someone who just doesn’t want one because they are “too much work” or you don’t like cleaning up after them.  Well, check these reasons out and let us know if you still think having a dog wouldn’t be an amazing experience.

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If you are looking to own a pet in the coming days, weeks, months, or years. Then this is for you.

Companionship: Look, no one likes to be lonely.  (There is a huge difference between wanting to be alone, and being lonely.)  Being lonely is a very unwelcome feeling that can lead to mental health problems, depression and physical health problems as you age.  A dog provides just what the doctor isn’t prescribing.  A dog will adjust their schedule and personality to you as their hooman and will ALWAYS love you no matter what.  We at pet-supps always say that a dogs love is unconditional, a humans love has many conditions.  That is unfortunate, but true.  If you are lonely, a pupper might be the perfect companion for you.

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Having a Routine: Caring for a dog brings structure and purpose of daily life. Trust me when I say that you may not want to get out of bed, but a dog needing to go potty in the morning or being your personal alarm clock by giving puppy kisses first thing in the morning really isn’t the worst way to start your day.  As a matter of fact, that furry friend is probably more looking forward to you getting out of bed to play with them than you are.

Exercise:  People benefit all the time from having a dog to exercise with.  Having a dog can keep you in that routine we just discussed for exercising every day, even if it is just a walk around the neighborhood.

Less Stress:  People with pets tend to exhibit less stress than those without pets.  Whether it is a regular walk routine, or that you have your pal there at home every day ready to greet you right as you walk in the door ready to love on you and play with you, it just is such a relief to have your K9 Pal waiting for you to take that load of stress off of your shoulders.

Getting Out:  If you are someone who prefers the indoor lifestyle, but would like to get out more.  Get a Dog.   Your pup will have you outside with them as they need to go potty, play in the yard, play at the park, go on walks, go to the vet, etc, etc, etc.  Dogs are very social animals and if you are a not so social person, getting a dog will help you get out more.

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Making New Friends:  If you cherish the idea of making real life friends and not just those on social media, then getting a dog will help immensely.  There are so many activities you can do with dogs that involve groups of fellow Dog Parents.  You can all meet up at the park, go to charitable events, do community walks, and so much more.  Even that good ole Social Media Giant has groups you can join and plan events and to meet up with Dog Parents of the same breed.  How Cool!!!

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New Interests:  Having a dog can expose you to new interests and activities.  Whether it is volunteering at the animal shelter you adopted your new best friend from, or cleaning up at the Dog Park you both frequent, having a dog can absolutely help you get into new interests and activities that are good for both you and them.

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Protection:  A dog provides a sense of protection and safety that sometimes even humans can’t.  We mentioned earlier a dogs love is unconditional.  If you do not believe this, then once you have a dog and that dog sees their person is in danger, they will do anything they can to protect their person.  After all, that is all they know and love.  Plus with a dog, you get that additional home alarm.  Barking.  If someone is sneaking around your home when they shouldn’t be, a barking dog can allow you the time to call the authorities or may even scare that person off altogether.  A dogs love for their human is one that is unconditional and they will protect at all costs.

Taking Care of Something:  You need your pet, and they need you to.  Sometimes you may need them more than they need you, however having a dog gives you the chance to take care of another life from the day you get them until the unfortunate day they pass.  There is little more satisfying than taking care of another life and watching it grow and develop.  That isn’t just for humans, that goes for pets as well.  You will always have the memories and relationship you develop with your pet.  Taking care of them allows you to have those moments as well as learn how to care for another living, breathing creature if you have never done so.

Investing in Life:  When it comes down to it, having a pet means you made a promise to take care of and be involved in their life until the day comes where they move on.  Having a pet is a lifelong commitment that could mean 5 months, 5 years, or 20 years (sometimes more).  You need to be ready to make that commitment because as mentioned multiple times, getting a dog is one that you always cherish and they will always love you regardless of your situation.  You could be the richest person in the world, or temporarily down on your luck, a dog doesn’t judge and doesn’t care as long as they have their human by their side.


What are your thoughts on these reasons?  Do you have more you would like to contribute?  Comment below and let us know if we missed any reasons that having a dog is one of the greatest feelings in the world!