Cats are very interesting animals.  They are very in tune with their larger counterparts and enjoy a good hunt in their own right, even if that hunt is attacking your feet at the end of the bed in the middle of the night.  Over the years our Chief Mischief Officer Miss Kitty has provided us an amazing amount of memories.  From bringing us her first official kill, to running around on her back two feet at night and just going absolutely bonkers and quite literally bouncing off of walls because she had a little too much cat nip.

Global stats show cat ownership at about 24% across the world, and that number is closer to 41% in the United States.  With that many people deciding to get a little furry buddy to enjoy life with, we put together this list of why you should consider getting a cat if you don’t have one already.

Here are ten purrrfect reasons you should consider getting a cat:

10) They are Independent.

A cat is a very independent animal and while they do enjoy human affection from time to time, if you are someone who wants a pet but doesn’t enjoy the thought of an animal constantly wanting your attention, a cat is perfect for this.  They see you when they want to see you.  Ever try holding or petting a cat when they didn’t want you to?  You will only make them upset and probably not see them for like 2 weeks.  Cats are extremely independent though and make for a great companion for anyone from a home body to someone who works full time and enjoys going out from time to time.

9) They enjoy a good hunt!

We mentioned earlier a cat can be super cuddly, relaxed and independent.   However they are also KILLERS!  No not that way, they love to stay in tune with their natural instincts and enjoy a good game of literal cat and mouse.  The first time our cat brought us her first kill, it was adorable.  She was so proud and happy that she caught that dang mouse that wouldn’t leave our lower level apartment alone.  She has had a few more catches since then that include mice, bugs, bigger bugs, etc.  Cats enjoy a good hunt, and if you have a rodent or pest problem, there is a good chance your cat will help get rid of them and won’t charge you for it!

8) They love to play.

You ever go to the zoo and see the Big Cats.  That is my favorite part of the zoo because of the resemblance between the Tigers and Lions and our own house cat.  They LOVE to play.  It is funny, because a cat is super independent and seemingly only affectionate when it wants to be, however catch a cat when they want to play.  It is an absolute blast.  Get a remote control mouse, get a laser pointer, some of those Jackson Galaxy toys (Jackson, if you are reading this, you are the man).  Cats can be and are very playful, you just got to catch them in the mood to do so.

7) They love to sleep!

Are you a constant snoozer?  Hit that snooze button like 5 times before getting out of bed?  Well a cat is your soul mate.  On average a cat will sleep anywhere from 16 – 20 hours a day.  WHAT. A. LIFE.  That may be why they aren’t that affectionate towards their people, they are just always sleepy.  Regardless, if you enjoy napping and sleeping more than 8 hours a day and want a pet, then get a cat.  They will most likely sleep right there on top of you purring away.

6) They love BOXES!

If you have tried multiple new toys and your cat just seemingly plays with it for a week then forgets about it. ( Kids are the same way BTW) Give them a box.  You ever see those funny videos on cats squeezing into tight spaces and odd spaces?  Give a cat a box and that will be their new spot for a long time.  They stay entertained with said box or other inanimate object that isn’t designed to be a toy for your kitty friend.

5) They are low maintenance.

Dogs are a LOT of work.  That is no secret.  If you don’t have the time or energy to put that kind of work into a new pet, get a cat.  Cats are very low maintenance, independent and with the right environment can remained entertained by themselves totally forgetting they have a human being that takes care of them.  Until it is time to eat that is.

4) They take care of themselves.

Yeah you need to clean out a litter box from time to time, but your feline friend cleans and bathes themselves regularly as well as doesn’t need house broken.  As long as they know where the litter box is, they will go there to use the bathroom and will hopefully not go anywhere else in your residence.  Cats are independent, low maintenance and take care of themselves.  You can’t even get those three in a person.  Yet you will in a cat.

3) They are the best couch potato companions.

Your cat will most likely enjoy their time cuddling on the couch with their person.  They will never admit that, but hey, cats enjoy a good cuddle and back scratch too.  If you are looking to just hang out on the couch all weekend and not do much but Netflix and Nap.  Yeah, your cat will be right by your side hanging out Cuddling and Napping away.

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2) They are good with house guests.

Look.  We have a 130 pound one year old Great Dane.  While she is great when people come over, the first minute of getting in the door can be a struggle for someone coming over our house.  A cat will never jump all over people walking in the door, heck they will most likely stay back and watch from afar.  So if you have guests over your place, just know your little furry feline will most likely hang out and not care other than the occasional leg rub as they are crossing the room and they cross paths with one of your guests.

1) Cats are Awesome!

They are such fun pets.  They are loyal to their human and look forward to seeing them just as much as dogs do, just show it in a different way.  When it is time to lay down for the day, our little friend comes up to me, lays on my back or side and just purrs away.  Then meows because she wants to rub on my hand.  Of course this generally leads to her biting my hand, but whatever.  She is a lot of fun and your cat will be too.  They are just fun and awesome animals.  Totally opposite of dogs, which is kind of cool to.  It can be a nice change of pace from time to time.


Got any reasons you want to add to our list?  leave them in the comments and let us know!  For the record, I am highly allergic to cats, but love them and simply take a generic allergy pill to combat the puffy eyes and runny nose.