Backstory to Colloidal Silver:


When it comes to our furry friends, one thing is for sure.  They are bacteria magnets!  They love to roll around on the ground, go outside constantly to go to the bathroom, and just plain LOVE playing in the elements.  What comes with that over time is bacteria and LOTS of it.  Something that has been around for centuries is Colloidal Silver.  Why has this been around since the Roman Empire thought?  To put it simply.  This stuff is amazing.   Colloidal Silver is an excellent resource when it comes to killing bacteria.  It was used by the Roman empire to prevent wine from spoiling actually.  Chinese emperors used Silver chopsticks and Royalty from all over the world used dishes that were made out of silver.  Silver itself is extremely versatile and the byproduct of that, Colloidal Silver has what seems to be endless uses and is 100% natural, the way Mother Nature intended.


So Just what is Colloidal Silver?


Colloidal Silver consists of nanoparticles of silver sent through an electro-colloidal process which enables the silver drops to allow for a simple spray.  What this allows for is the spray consists of silver particles that penetrate cells and kill bacteria and pathogens in a very simple and easy manner.  This makes Colloidal Silver ideal for infections and prevent any future growth of additional bacteria.  Such a simple solution, yet is able to help out in a vast amount of ways.  Let’s explore the possibilities this incredible all natural solution can do for your fur baby.


Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Pets:

Skin Irritations:  We have highlighted this once already, but Colloidal Silver is incredible for helping Skin irritations such as Hot Spots, Cuts, Scrapes and other Skin Irritations/Infections by killing off the bacteria causing them and preventing future bacteria growth.



Eyes:  Yes.  This can help your pets eyes as crazy as it may sound.  We even had a member of the pet-supps family tell us how Colloidal Silver helped their pet regain some vision he had slowly been losing due to infections.  This can not only help with Infections and Inflammations, but is 100% painless.  Just simply spray onto a clean cloth and wipe your pets infected area around the eyes and within a few days, you should start to see improvement of the infection.





Bad Breath: You can spray this into your pets mouth once in the morning and once in the evening to help with bad breath by killing off bacteria and help prevent future plaque and tartar growth in their mouth.


Where to get it:

We want to say that we always 100% recommend speaking with your vet before introducing a new product as they are your best ally when it comes to their health and understanding what is best for your pets needs.  With that said, our Colloidal Silver is a Veterinarian Recommended product that has helped Dogs all over the country with anything from Hot Spots, to Stinky Breath.  You can grab a bottle for your furry friend over at the below link and save 10% on your order with code petsupps10 at checkout.

Pet-Supps Colloidal Silver for Pets – Helps Hot Spots, Cuts, Scrapes, Bad Breath


Leave your thoughts or comments below.  We would love to hear your input as to the use of this incredible product.

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