There is a not so little known secret out there that our pets one day will begin to struggle with arthritis or a form of joint pain.  In fact, nearly 20% of all adult dogs and 90% of all senior dogs will have to deal with this.  That number is nearly 1/3 of all cats by age six, and nearly 90% of all cats by age twelve will deal with the same issues.


Our pets age much quick than we do as humans, and with that aging process comes health concerns that many of us will either never have to deal with, or will be decades before we have to come face to face with these health concerns.  There is also this thing where our pets constantly move around on all four of their legs and use them significantly more than we do our legs.  Can you imagine if we walked around on our legs and arms!  Uck.  The amount of back problems we would have.

Anyways, back on topic.  If you are not sure what the symptoms look like then allow me to explain.

  • Limping.
  • Reluctance to jump.
  • Slower or seeming to have less energy than usual.
  • Swelling and maybe heat around the joint.
  • Tenderness around the joint.

This isn’t the entire list of what could be a symptom, but these are the most common symptoms.  Now with that said, our list of dogs most common to develop a form of arthritis are listed below as well.

Now remember.  This isn’t the exact list of “if you have this dog, they will develop joint problems”, however it is a list of breeds that most commonly experience these problems.  Generally speaking, the bigger the dog, the higher likelihood of joint problems.

  1. German Shepherds
  2. Golden Retrievers
  3. Labrador Retrievers
  4. Dachshunds
  5. Newfoundlands
  6. Bernards
  7. Rottweilers
  8. Mastiffs
  9. Great Danes – YIKES!  our CPO is a full blood Great Dane.  Good thing we have a preventative solution.
  10. Old English Sheep Dogs

Now with all this joint problem talk, and negativity around these potential problems, here is the good news.  This DOESN’T have to be your dog or cat.  A simple diet change, or supplement to add to their daily diet can help wonders and help prevent any problems down the road.

I would recommend a few different products based on your individual need.

Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract – This product supports a variety of ailments in your pet to include attacking joint inflammation.  This is highly recommended to combine with our chewable supplement Turmeric Joint Health Blend to make sure you attack any and all joint pains at the source in you medium to larger sized dogs.

Small Dog Glucosamine – This product is Pawfect (cringy) for dogs 20 lbs and under.  A formula designed specifically to target joint pain and arthritis in our smaller K9 companions.  Powerful ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM make up this supplement and is a great addition to your pets food or water and allow them to get the joint support they need in an easy to administer liquid form.

Joint Formula for Cats – This product is the Purrfect (cringy as well, but I couldn’t help myself) addition to your cats daily diet.  This product not only supports their overall joint health, but has a key ingredient that MUST be included in a cats daily diet otherwise they will have severe health problems.  Taurine.  I have an entire blog about Taurine in cats and the importance of that, so go check that out when you can.  However trust me when I say this.  If your cat doesn’t have Taurine in their daily diet.  They WILL MOST LIKELY develop pretty serious health concerns.

With all of that said, I want to let you know that all of our supplements are made entirely in the United States and in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility that is FDA Audited.  All of that meaning, these products are proven safe and when instructions are followed properly, show no adverse side effects.

We have incredible chewable supplements as well that taste great for your pets (maple bacon) and provide incredible health benefits.  One of those being our Turmeric Joint Health Blend.  Check out our article on that supplement and how it has powerful benefits in supporting your pets daily joint support needs.

Check out our pages to find the exact products you are looking for:

https://pet-supps.com/product-category/supplement-combinations/ – Supplement Combination Section

https://pet-supps.com/product-category/supplements-for-cats/ – Cat Health Section

https://pet-supps.com/product-category/supplements-for-dogs/ – Dog Health Section

https://pet-supps.com/shop/ – For all of our amazing supplies we carry as well.  Dog harnesses, collars, leashes, pet carriers, beds, etc.

Our featured image for this article is a family dog named Joe.  He passed away recently and we want to remember him and honor him with this article.  He was a personal testament to our products as they helped him get around better and more freely during his last few months with us.

Enjoy Doggy Heaven Joe.

Thank you for the read and as always, if you have any questions, just reach out.

Terry Hochscheid – Pet-supps founder


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