I first began talking to the owner Alyssa of Furry Tails Pet Grooming back when we launched Pet-Supps
in the fall of 2019. As a small business owner, I wanted to meet with and introduce myself to other
companies in the same area and that is how I came to meet Alyssa and her team at Furry Tails. Shortly
after first meeting Alyssa, we decided to team up together and host a Christmas Photo Shoot for Pets
totally free of charge. Needless to say, it was a total hit and Alyssa and the Furry Tails team knocked it
out of the park.

2019 Christmas Photos:




How Did Furry Tails get started?


Furry Tails started in 2016 and has grown every year since first opening. They opened their physical
location in 2019, not too long before we had met actually and I have to say, the operation they have is
very impressive. Furry Tails can do what seems like a little bit of everything when it comes to Pet
Grooming. Whether you are looking to wash your pet yourself, need full-service pet grooming or
anything in-between they have you covered. No matter the size of your pet, Furry Tails is great at
accommodating all sized animals and very knowledgeable of the breed they are working on to ensure
the best possible experience.



I walked in with our Great Dane Debo to have his nails trimmed up and while it took a couple employees
to get him to move to where they needed him to go, they did a fantastic job nonetheless and made him
feel comfortable while having his nails trimmed. Debo is just a very large and heavy Dog and can
sometimes be stubborn when he does not want to move. As a side note, walk-ins are welcome, but
speaking from personal experience they get busy very quickly and I would recommend calling ahead of




How has Covid Impacted your Business?


When I spoke with Alyssa about how Covid impacted their business in 2020, she had told me that they
had to shut down for 8 weeks and could not operate, which as you could imagine impacted their
business in that timeframe. Since then, Furry Tails has seemingly bounced back, and they are busier
than ever. Every time I stop by it picks up in a minute’s notice and goes from somewhat quiet to clients
coming in every few minutes for drop-offs and pickups. Furry Tails is a very impressive company that
does a great job at not just taking care of their client’s pets grooming needs but make sure they make
them feel as if they are at home while being serviced.



Where to find them?

If you are in the market for a Pet Groomer and need one in the Fairfield area, I would recommend giving
Furry Tails a try. They are a great business, ran by great people who truly care for the best interest of
your pet and their grooming needs. 

Their business address is listed below and tell Alyssa Pet-Supps sent ya!

5096 Pleasant Ave, Fairfield, OH 45014



Make sure to give them a follow on social media and the next time you have a grooming need for your
pet, check out Furry Tails Pet Grooming.