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Why Purchase Hip & Joint Pet Formulas

This may be hard to believe, but cats go through hip and joint problems nearly as much as dogs do.  it is said that nearly 1/3 of all cats over the age of 6 have at least one joint with arthritis.  That number jumps to almost 90% of cats have some form of arthritis in at least one joint by the age of 12.  Why is it cats don’t show the pain as frequently as dogs though?  It is a natural instinct.  As stubborn as our feline companions are, this spills into their health as well.  A cat will not show a visible sign of pain unless it is at the point of excruciating pain.  They do this as a defense mechanism.


If your cat is taking more jumps than necessary to get on your bed, couch, or wherever they may be wanting to jump, if they are just flat out not jumping around or moving around like they used to, or they are being more and more stagnant in one location, then they may be experiencing some form of joint pain.


Our joint formula for cats is an incredible liquid supplement designed to not only assist with your furry friends joint health, it consists of a key ingredient to a cats daily diet.  Taurine.  This ingredient is incredibly important to a cats daily diet as they are unable to produce taurine naturally like dogs or humans can.  Because of this, if there is a lack of Taurine in a cats diet they can develop many serious health complications.


Made in the United States in an FDA Audited facility, this product consists of three key ingredients to your cats daily health.  Glucosamine, Taurine, MSM.  These are key to not only having healthy joints and improving mobility, but key to overall health as well.



All cats need healthy joints to live an active and peaceful life.  As cats get older or injured they may require a liquid glucosamine supplement to meet those needs.

This product is for cats of all sizes, easy to use and 100% Natural product.  Glucosamine, MSM and Taurine – Made in the USA with all natural ingredients.  – Supports Healthy Joints & Improves mobility for Cats.

This product comes in a delicious organic beef gravy flavor your cat will love!  So, if your frisky feline is having a little joint trouble, maybe it’s time for a Pet-Supps Joint Formula for Cats.

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Pet Supps hip & joint supplement is made to high-quality standards. With so many pet owners looking for a quality pet supplement to help their furry friends live a healthier lifestyle and with less discomfort, now is the time to sell Hip & Joint pet supplement!

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