K9 Ear Cleaner


Ear Health in our pets is extremely important, yet sometimes is forgotten about.  Some breeds of dogs tend to have more ear problems than others, some love to go swimming and wind up getting more water in their ears than you would like them to have causing potential problems, some have issues with constant buildup that causes hearing problems.

Whatever the problem is, our pet-supps K9 Ear Cleaner solution is safe and an effective aide when it comes to maintaining good ear hygiene.

This product helps deodorize and clean odors associated with your dogs ears, designed for use after swimming or bathtime, and is designed to help reduce itching and discomfort in your pups ears.

Pick up a bottle of K9 Ear Cleaner and get your pups ears back to good health!

This is a 12 fl. oz solution that is designed to help maintain good hygiene in your dogs ears.  Make sure to follow directions accordingly to ensure proper steps are being taken to assist your dog in the health of their ears and the ear canal.

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