Turmeric Hip and Joint Pain

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Nearly 20% of middle aged dogs and 90% of senior dogs have some form of arthritis.  We all know the signs.  Your dog is limping around, struggling to get from A to B.  They aren’t as youthful or active as they once were.  It is nearly universal that everyone who introduces a dog as a part of their family will struggle with this at one point in time with their K9 companion.

With that being said, there are natural alternatives to expensive prescription medications.  Turmeric contains what is called curcumin which is the active ingredient.  Curcumin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, wound healing and anticancer activities.  This alone can assist in a variety of ways for your dog.  When you mix our Turmeric Joint Health Blend into your dogs daily diet, you have a natural supplement designed to combat inflammation and joint pain with the powerful combination of Turmeric and Glucosamine.

Our Turmeric with Joint Health Blend is made in the United States in a FDA Audited faciltiy.  This products mix of Turmeric Premium Blend and Joint Health Blend will be sure to help your dog with any inflammation and joint pains they may be experiencing.

Our Turmeric Hip and Joint Care is a powerful supplement combining the anti-inflammatory benefits of the natural ingredient Turmeric, with our Glucosamine formula to ensure a quality one-two combo that can knock out your pets joint pain!

This supplement comes in a Maple Bacon flavor that your pet is sure to enjoy.

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Turmeric Hip & Joint Care supplement gives your pets the nutritional support they need to make up for potential gaps in their diet. We’ve included wellness boosting ingredients like turmeric and chondroitin for great health benefits.

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