When it comes to our feline companions health, one thing that is an absolute necessity in their diet is the amino acid Taurine.  Wait?  Isn’t that what energy drink companies put into their drinks?  Well…..Yes….  However with that said Taurine is added to these drinks because of it’s added benefit for sports performance in humans.


What does that have to do with our furry feline friends and their daily diet though?


Well.  This is because felines are unable to generate their own Taurine by utilizing pre-existing amino acids that are within their systems.


So what happens if cats go their lives without Taurine in their food or their diet not containing a supplement with Taurine.


Their are a number of health issues that can arise from lack of Taurine.  Eye Health, Heart, Digestion, Immune Function, and Reproduction to name a few.


Eye Health – Lack of Taurine can lead to blindness over time.


Heart – Lack of Taurine can lead to cardiomyopathy and death.


Digestion – Taurine combines with bile acids for proper digestion.


Immune Function – Taurine effects immune system responsiveness.


Reproduction – Deficiency can cause still births, low birth weights, and birth defects in kittens.


Lucky for you however, Taurine is found almost exclusively in meat and seafood.  Phew!


These potential problems can take years to show up, so seeing symptoms in Taurine deficiency may take some time.  Adding extra Taurine in your cats daily diet is never a bad idea to ensure these never arise.  That can come in the form of many ways.


If you are looking for a supplement to add to your cats daily diet, we would recommend our Joint formula for cats.  Taurine is one of the main ingredients in this supplement to make sure your cat gets that added boost in their daily diet as well as maintaining healthy joints and bones.


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