What is all the hype about Krill Oil and Why exactly is it the PERFECT option for a pet with dry, flaky, itchy skin?


Let’s start at the beginning.


What is Krill exactly?



Krill live mainly in the Southern Ocean, near Antarctica. A krill looks a bit like a shrimp, and it feeds on microscopic marine algae known as phytoplankton.

However Krill are found in every ocean and form an important part of the diet of whales, seals, fish, squid and many other marine species, playing a vital role in the global ecosystem. These crustaceans, also called euphausiid shrimps, are considered the most populous species on Earth. They form swarms of millions near the ocean surface.

Now that you have an idea of just what they are.  Let’s explore a bit more.


What is the benefit of Krill Oil?



There are many benefits surrounding Krill Oil for both humans and animals alike.  Some main benefits of our little crustacean friends are listed below:


Krill Oil Provides A Better Variety of Nutrients For Dogs


Krill oil contains essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, which your dog’s body is unable to produce on its own.  A primary benefit of krill oil for dogs is that it contains higher levels of EPA than traditional fish oil.
Krill oil also contains the antioxidant astaxanthin which is what gives krill its reddish coloring, astaxanthin is a natural free radical that provides additional benefits to your dog, such as immune support, promotes neurological and eye health in both dogs and cats, supports cardiovascular health and helps to prevent light induced damage to the eyes and may benefit pets with age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Krill Oil Helps Improve Skin And Coat Health


One of the most known benefits of krill oil for pets is how healthy it makes their skin & coat. Krill oil helps reduce problems such as hot spots from allergies & dandruff in their coat. It also helps relieve dogs from itchiness that commonly results from a lack of essential fatty acids in their diet.
Pet-supps brand new Krill Oil Shed Free Soft Chews are 100% pure antarctic Krill Oil that contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that can help reduce or eliminate non-seasonal shedding while providing your pet with a healthier and shinier coat.

Why Krill Oil over Fish Oil?


The fatty acids & antioxidants that are contained in krill oil supplements serve to promote a healthy cardiovascular system in both cats and dogs. A healthy heart & cardiovascular system helps promote good blood flow, ensuring that oxygen & nutrients are getting where they need to go. 
Krill oil has quickly become the product of choice over fish oil for a few different reasons.  Listed below are some of the top reasons.
  • It’s up to 3x more bioavailable and absorbable for your dog’s body, due to the phospholipid form of omega-3 found in krill
  • Because krill is low on the food chain, its contains absolutely minimal toxins that larger fish often contain.
  • It’s the most sustainable form of fish oil available



What we will soon have available on pet-supps.com


If your furry friend is struggling with itching and shedding, allergies, or just will not stop licking their paws it could be something as simple as not having enough essential fatty acids in their diet.  This new soft chew makes the perfect treat for your pet to not only assist with skin and coat health among other important benefits, your pet will think of these as a treat and be looking forward to their daily snack all while improving their health.

We are going to be launching our brand new Krill Oil Shed-Free Soft Chews for Pets in the coming days and couldn’t be more excited to offer such an incredible product.


  • Made In The USA
  • 100% Pure Antarctic Krill
  • Can Help Reduce or Eliminate Non-Seasonal Shedding
  • Can Improve Skin and Coat Health
  • Can Assist with Seasonal Allergies