Pet-Supps was founded with the mission to not only be a great pet supplement and supply provider to the greater Cincinnati area, but we made it our mission to be the go to online pet supplement and supply company across the Cincinnati area, United States and then Globally.

We started at the very grass roots level and are working towards growing bigger every day. We like to do things a bit different at pet-supps and like to make sure every transaction is a personal one for the customers.

There are four main founding principles that will always remain the reason for our founding and be the foundation to our growth as an organization.

1) Respect
2) Doing the right thing.
3) Community involvement.
4) Charitable donations

If you are someone that cares deeply about your pets and treat them as family members and not just the family pet, if you are someone who is passionate about doing the right thing and helping others less fortunate or who may just need the assistance, and if you are someone who wants to make a true difference in the world, then we invite you to be a part of the Pet-Supps family. You can choose to purchase from our site and sleep comfortably knowing a portion of those proceeds will go to a pet organization in need, interact with us on Social Media or possibly one day be an employee of our company. Either way, we see you and your fur babies as family.

We are and welcome to the family.

Terry Hochscheid
Pet-Supps Founder