Why does my dog have such bad gas? How to stop dog farts. You know that smell.  You most likely can smell it without having to actually smell it…… It is a dog fart and man is it bad!  It can be embarrassing if you have company over and they just let one go.  Or how about multiple times in a day.  Just fills the room with that awful smell and never seems to go away.  Now this can be a tricky subject, because at what point do you decide to maybe try and help them out?   How do you help them out?  Well we at the Pet-Supps team have been pondering on this and may have a couple solutions for you and your stinky little friend.


It May Be Their Diet:

Why does my dog have such bad gas? How to stop dog farts

If you feel like you may need to change their diet to prevent your dog from having gas, do so slowly and make sure to not transition it all at once.  Switching their diet to a completely new food at one time could in fact cause digestive issues like bad gas and diarrhea.  We made this mistake with our Great Dane unfortunately and had to switch back because of the messes she was leaving for us….. Work with your veterinarian and see what formula may work best for your pup and slowly transition the diet.


Avoid Giving Them Scraps:

Our pups LOVE to beg for the delicious hooman food.  More specifically, they LOVE the scraps we leave behind.  Avoid giving them these as the food itself may cause digestive issues.  Plus the food for the most part that we eat is high in sugars, bad fats, lactose, etc.  Dogs do not need to be eating those items. This may help with your dog farting.


Keep Them Out Of The Trash:

Another thing our best friends love to do is get into the trash and see what they can scrum up.  Do whatever you need to do to keep them out of the trash so they don’t get into the bad stuff.  Yeah it may taste good to them, but their stomachs will not agree with it after they are done.  Plus you may get stuck cleaning up a mess you do not want to clean up.


Slow Down Fast Eaters and Keep Them Active:

If you have a speed eater in the house, then try to either feed them smaller portions throughout the day or get a slow feeder bowl for them.   The reason being is simple.  When they eat every meal like it is their last, they inhale a lot of air while eating.  When they do that, there is only one way for it to go, and that is out the backside.  Additionally, you can make sure your pups remain active by getting plenty of exercise throughout the day that will assist with digestive problems.


What Can You Do?

Why does my dog have such bad gas? How to stop dog fartsWell first and foremost, you need to talk to your veterinarian.  Always do that first as they know your pup best outside of you of course!  After speaking with them, we recommend trying a probiotic supplement that you can give your pup on a daily basis.  We may be biased when saying this, but on Pet-Supps.com we offer an award winning probiotic supplement and super-food for both dogs and cats from this awesome company out of Pennsylvania.  We have partnered with them to carry their incredible product directly on our site.  A simple addition to your dogs diet by adding the all natural, Made In The USA topper to their food once per day and your dog will have a boost in their immune system as well as digestive tract in no time.  (Meaning those stinky farts can go away finally)

We hope you found the article “Why does my dog have such bad gas? How to stop dog farts” useful.


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